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Enregistreur audio/ mixette/ interface audio USB

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(Traduction en cours)

Crer, Rpter, Jouer

Le MixPre-3M redonne du plaisir l'enregistrement musical! Cet appareil 2-en-1 offre aux musiciens un enregistreur multipiste de qualit studio et une interface audio USB haute performance pour capturer chaque moment d'inspiration. Combinant la facilit de l'enregistrement matriel ddi avec l'ergonomie du logiciel de production musicale bas sur ordinateur, le MixPre-3M tablit une nouvelle norme pour ce qui est possible d'un enregistreur audio portable : la crativit musicale tout moment et n'importe o.

Superposition de pistes • Overdub • Punch In/Out • Reverbration & "Vocal Air" • Mtronome • Bounce • Rendu final (Import & Export)

Un Studio vritablement portable

Les fonctionnalits pour musiciens du MixPre-3M simplifient la cration de musique en facilitant l'enregistrement des ides et des chansons. Le MixPre vous permet d'enregistrer, de lire, de mixer, de contrler, de superposer simultanment jusqu' 12 pistes, toutes sans DAW! Et si vous avez besoin de plus, la fonction "Bounce" aide librer des pistes. Le MixPre-3M dispose d'un mtronome intgr pour vous aider garder vos performances dans le temps, tandis que des effets de rverbration et le "Vocal Air" (Effet ddi la voix de qualit suprieure, soyeux et lisse) ajoutent de la profondeur vos enregistrements. L'effet d'air vocal est une combinaison d'galisation et de compression qui donne une intimit aux voix, trs apprcie aujourd'hui par les auteurs-compositeurs. Lorsque vous enregistrez de la musique, vous apprcierez galement la commodit de fonctionnalits telles que le punch in et out, et la possibilit de localiser les points de repre.

Qualit audio exceptionnelle

The MixPre-3M features three, high-performance, ultra-low-noise Sound Devices' Kashmirmicrophone preamps. These custom-engineered preamps feature discrete, Class-A front-ends with analog limiters offering the highest quality, distortion-free audio recordings that far surpass those of other recorders using simple off-the-shelf, IC-based mic preamps. Even the finest details of your recordings will be captured, revealing the feel and emotion in your performance. Combined with our super low-noise preamps, you are free to focus on your performance rather than your levels. Turn your amps up to 11 as these preamps are virtually unclippable! Le MixPre-3M est dot de trois pramplis micro Kashmir de Sound Devices haute performance et ultra-silencieux. Ces pramplis classe A, conus sur mesure, sont dots limiteurs analogiques offrant des enregistrements audio sans distorsion de la plus haute qualit, surpassant de loin ceux des autres enregistreurs utilisant de simples pramplis micro IC prts l'emploi. Mme les plus beaux dtails de vos enregistrements seront capturs, rvlant la sensation et l'motion dans votre performance. Grce nos pramplis super silencieux, vous tes libre de vous concentrer sur vos performances plutt que sur vos niveaux.

Rglez vos pramplis jusqu' 11 : car ces pramplis sont pratiquement insaturables!

Interface audio "Premium"

As adept in the studio as on the road, the versatile MixPre-3M operates as a 5-in/2-out USB audio interface with quality that rivals a stand alone converter paired with boutique preamps. The MixPre-3M features the unique ability to simultaneously record to an SD card while streaming audio via USB, ideal for recording computer-based software instruments, or backing up your takes while you're tracking to a computer. As a DAW interface, the MixPre-3M truly streamlines a musician's typical track-to-edit workflow. Aussi polyvalent en studio qu'en dplacement, le MixPre-3M polyvalent fonctionne comme une interface audio USB 5 entres / 2 sorties d'une qualit qui rivalise avec un convertisseur autonome coupl des pramplis haaut de gamme. Le MixPre-3M dispose de la capacit unique d'enregistrer simultanment sur une carte SD, tout en diffusant de l'audio via USB : idal pour enregistrer des instruments virtuels sur ordinateur, ou sauvegarder vos prises pendant que vous travaillez sur l'ordinateur. En tant qu'interface DAW, le MixPre-3M simplifie vritablement l'dition de pistes en temps rel.

Le Compagnon idal pour l'enregistrement live

Not only is the MixPre-3M great for creating songs, it's also an aide for live performances. Whether being used as a mixer to feed a PA for smaller ensemble performances, or for playing back pre-prepared multi-channel backing tracks for your solo performances, the MixPre-3M is perfect for live gigging. Le MixPre-3M n'est pas seulement idal pour crer des chansons, c'est aussi un assistant pour les enregistrements live. Qu'il soit utilis comme mlangeur pour alimenter une sonorisation pour des petites formations, ou pour reproduire des pistes d'accompagnement multi-canaux pr-prpares pour vos performances solo, le MixPre-3M est parfait pour les concerts live.

Routage d'entres / Sorties polyvalent

The MixPre-3M offers three balanced XLR Mic/Line level inputs (each with 96dB of gain, 48v phantom power, low cut filters and limiters), a 3.5mm 2-channel Aux/Mic input, and four USB inputs from a MAC or PC. You can route any of these physical inputs to any channel knob, so you don't have to have to re-plug inputs when you want to record an input to a different track. Metronome can also be selected as an input, so you can record its click to a discrete track. The MixPre-3M's unbalanced 3.5mm output and stereo headphone output can be individually configured, providing a wealth of options for monitoring.

L'exprience utilisateur inspire par les musiciens

The MixPre-3M's musician-friendly, touch-screen interface, and dedicated mixer knobs provide easy access to the tools you need to quickly get those vocal melodies, instrumental hooks, and rhythms down. At any time, share your multitrack song with other musicians, so that they can collaborate using their MixPre-3M or the DAW of their choice. Once you've completed laying down and overdubbing tracks, get that final mix in the bag using the front panel knobs to control mix levels, pans, solos, mutes, reverb, air, and more. When you're happy with the mix, it's time to share with fans and friends. Export the mix to SD card or computer as a stereo WAV or AAC file, ideal for emailing or uploading to a website, social media, or music sharing service.

Construit pour la route

Like all Sound Devices products, the MixPre-3M is extremely durable. Constructed with a die-cast aluminum chassis, it is both lightweight and incredibly robust. While most audio capturing devices are meant to sit in a studio, its ultra-compact size makes it the perfect musician companion - on the road or in the studio.

Plusieurs modes d'alimentation

When on tour or at a gig, you need a recorder that's portable and convenient to power, which is why the MixPre-3M has multiple powering options. It can be powered from AA batteries in a convenient detachable sled of eight cells, or an optional sled that offers powering from up to two hot-swappable Sony L-Mount Li-Ion batteries. Additionally, the entire recorder can also be powered from a laptop's USB-C or USB-A connectors offering convenient connection and powering with just one cable. For applications where AC is available, Sound Devices offers an AC wall adapter as well.

Metering and Monitoring

The MixPre-3M incorporates a mixer that offers easy-to-read ring LEDs and LCD metering with limiter activity for multitrack, mix, and USB return metering. The MixPre also includes a powerful and clean custom-designed headphone amplifier enabling you to hear your recordings in their full glory, and efficiently monitor with a wide range of headphone impedances.


  • Audio Inputs
    • Frequency Response : 10Hz to 40kHz +/- 0.5dB re 1kHz @ 96kHz sample rate
    • Total Harmonic Distortion : (THD) 0.005% max (@1kHz, 22-22kHz BW, gain=20dB, -10dBu in)
    • Equivalent Input Noise(EIN) :-130dBV (-128dBu) max (A-weighting, gain=76dB, 150 ohm source imped-ance)
    • Inputs
      • Mic: XLR active-balanced; 4k input Z
      • Line: XLR active-balanced; 4k input Z
      • Aux/Mic in: 3.5mm TRS, 2-channel unbalanced; 100k input Z
      • USB audio: 2 channel
      • All inputs fully RF-filtered and overload protected
    • Gain
      • Mic input: +6dB to +76dB
      • Line input: -20dB to +30dB
      • Fader: -inf to +20dB
      • Headphone: -inf to +20dB
      • Total, Mic-to-recording (max): +96dB
    • ADC 32 bit precision; 120dB dynamic range min (A-weighted, gain=10dB, fad-er=0dB)
    • Maximum Input Level
      • Mic XLR: +14dBu (limiters on or off)
      • Line XLR: +40dBu (limiters on or off)
      • Aux/Mic in: +10dBu
    • Limiters : Limiter at all gain stages, range > 40dB. First stage analog, subsequent stages digital
    • Low Cut Filters : 40Hz to 240Hz (adjustable), 18 dB/oct. First stage analog, subsequent stages digital
    • Microphone Powering
      • Mic XLRs: 48V via 6.8k resistors, 10mA each
      • Mic 3.5mm: 3V @ 3k source Z
  • Audio Outputs
    • Stereo Out 3.5mm TRS stereo unbalanced, 500 ohm output Z, +7.8dBu max output level
    • DAC feeding Stereo Out,
    • Headphone Out 32 bit precision; 115dB dynamic range (A-weighted)
    • Headphone Out 3.5mm TRS stereo unbalanced, for use with any impedance headphones
    • Output Limiters Digital
  • Recorder
    • Maximum Record Tracks 5 tracks (stereo mix + 3 ISOs)
    • Sampling Frequency
      • 44.1 kHz
      • 48 kHz
      • 96 kHz
    • Bit Depth
      • 16
      • 24
    • Media Type
      • Secure Digital Extended Capacity (SDXC)
      • Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC)
      • Secure Digital (SD)
    • Maximum Storage Size 512 GB (SDXC)
    • Card Format : on-board memory card formatting
      • FAT32 formatted (32GB or less),
      • exFAT for (>32GB)
    • File Type : WAV (Broadcast Wave File format), with embedded timecode stamp and metadata
  • USB
    • Audio Interface (USB-C) 5-in/2-out;
    • 44.1 to 96 kHz; 16/24-bit;
    • Class compliant USB 2.0 high speed or ASIO (supplied)
    • Mass Storage (USB-C) USB 2.0 high speed
    • Keyboard (USB-A) Text entry and control
  • Timecode
    • Modes • Time of Day (file stamped w/current ToD)
      • LTC Input (file stamped w/incoming LTC on Aux 3.5mm)
      • HDMI TC (file stamped w/incoming TC from HDMI & sample clock slaved from HDMI sample clock. Only works on specific cameras that support HDMI TC
    • Frame Rates Auto detects (fps):
      • 23.98 (same as 23.976)
      • 24
      • 25
      • 29.97DF
      • 29.97
      • 30
    • HDMI TC In From cameras that output timecode over HDMI
  • Touch Screen
    • Display 1.6-inch, color, sunlight-viewable IPS LCD
    • Resolution 320x240
  • Remote Control
    • Bluetooth Smart Wireless control using Wingman app
    • HDMI Auto-record start/stop trigger from cameras that output record flag over HDMI
    • Timecode Auto-record start/stop trigger via Aux In timecode
  • Power
    • AA Batteries
      • 4x AA sled
      • 8x AA sled
      • NiMH recommended
    • L-Mount Batteries : 2x L-mount sled for hot-swappable Li-Ion batteries
    • Bus-powered from Computer via USB-C port.
    • Use either:
      • USB-C to USB-C cable (optional)
      • MX-USBY : USB-C to dual USB-A Y-cable (included)
    • AC Adapter
    • MX-Charge : 15W PSU w/USB-C connector
    • includes wall adapter plugs for US, UK, Australia, and Europe
  • Environmental
    • Operating: -20 C to 60 C
    • Storage: -40 C to 85 C
    • 0 to 90% relative humidity (non-condensing)
  • Dimensions and Weight
    • Size (H x W x D) : 36 mm x 144 mm x 110 mm
    • Weight : 0.48 kg (unpackaged, without batteries)

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